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Dog Preventative Care - The Best Preventative Practices For Your Dog

What information does my veterinarian need to know about my dog's lifestyle before providing preventative care recommendations?

Some of the things we would want to know are what diet your pet is on, what level of activity they have, potential travel that you might do with your pets, and what their natural environment is. Are they exposed to many other pets outside, or are they strictly indoor and only go outside to potty?

Dr. Jennifer Bochnowski
Lowell Animal Hospital

What recommendations will my veterinarian make when it comes to my dog's preventative care?

Essentially, we're going to want to do a yearly exam and check everything out by looking and feeling and palpating your pet. We're going to talk about preventative care and vaccines, do fecal checks, and ensure they don't have intestinal parasites. Some other things would be diet recommendations, brushing their teeth, and grooming.

What's the difference between insurance and a wellness plan?

Insurance is what you might think it is. There are a lot of outside companies that offer insurance for your pet. Each one has its own payment plans and things they cover. So it's very important to ensure you understand each insurance plan before choosing. They will cover certain care for your pet individually. We don't do a wellness plan here at Lowell, but some veterinary clinics have a system where you pay a certain amount per year, and vaccines will be covered or something along those lines.

How can I keep my dog safe while in a car?

It's very important never to have your dog in the back of a pickup truck, whether they're leased or not. We see many animals with traumatic injuries from that. Also, having your dog look outside the window is not recommended. You might think your pet will not jump, but if they do, we'll see some trauma related to something like that. Ideally, keep them in a crate in the car, or certain harnesses are attached to a belt buckle. Something like that would be recommended.

Why should I keep my dog on a leash when in public?

You want to keep your dog on a leash in public for their safety. Even if you think it's not going to run, they might see something, like a pet or a person, and it might run from you into traffic. It's also easier to control your dog if another animal were to approach it.

What can I do to keep my house and yard pet safe?

Ideally, having a fenced yard would be great. You definitely want to avoid certain types of toxic plants. If you have a pool swimming pool, make sure that they can't get in the pool if that's an issue.

What are the most common dog health conditions that could be prevented with a good wellness plan?

There are enumerable things to discuss, such as infectious diseases, which vaccines easily prevent. Internal and external parasites are easily preventable. We want to prevent things like obesity and dental disease. Those are all things we typically address in your average yearly exam.

If you still have other questions and you'd like to reach out to us, you can call us directly at (219) 247-0555, you can email us, or you can reach out on social media. But please do reach out, and we'll get back to you as fast as we can.

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