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Dog Exercise - The Importance Of Exercise In Dogs

Aubrey Llano

Lowell Animal Hospital

How do exercises react to the health and wellbeing of my dog?

It definitely helps with mental and physical stimulation and keeping them healthy and in good weight.

How much is too much exercise?

It depends on the breed and lifestyle of the dog. Some dogs can go running all day. Some dogs want to go outside and go right back inside.

What are some ways to exercise my dog outside?

You can play fetch, hide, and seek, and hide treats throughout the yard and let them find them. There are many different toys to play with, and you can go swimming.

What are some ways to exercise my dog inside?

You can do a lot of hiding treats throughout the house, so they have to make a little trail and go find them. There are a bunch of different puzzle toys that you can use to help mentally stimulate them. Going up and down the stairs and throwing the ball up and down the stairs can help as well.

What are some health issues that can occur from a lack of exercise?

Lack of exercise can lead to obesity, which can open up to joint issues, diabetes, and other things.

What are some ways to motivate my dog to exercise?

Food is usually a good one. So using small pieces of a healthy treat or even their own dog food can make them work for their meals.

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