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Dog Bathing and Hygiene - The Importance Of Your Dog's Hygiene

What is a good hygiene regimen for a dog?

It depends on the dog. It's very individual. It depends on the lifestyle. Whether you guys are out hiking and getting dirty all the time, or whether it's a farm dog or a little dog that stays inside all the time. There are lots of different schedules for bathing.

Aubrey Llano

Lowell Animal Hospital

How does keeping my dog clean contribute to good health?

It helps with keeping the coat clean and general skin health. It ensures you can identify underlying skin issues such as allergies. Make sure it's not due to poor hygiene or due to an underlying disease process.

Is brushing my dog's teeth important to overall hygiene?

It is. Dental health is very important. It's probably one of the number one things we diagnose in dogs. So keeping that up can minimize the tarter and any future dental health issues and any dental cleanings needed.

How do I find the right cleaning products for my dog?

Ask your veterinarian. Every dog is a little bit different depending on their coat type and any underlying issues that could be contributing to their health.

Why is it important to clean my dog's bed, bowls, collar, leash, and toys regularly?

Just like keeping our stuff clean, keeping up with your laundry, and that kind of stuff, you want to minimize any bacterial infections and biofilm on your dog bowls.

What are some signs and symptoms of poor hygiene in my dog?

Poor coat health, skin infections, and that sort of thing. You always want to check it out with your veterinarian to ensure that nothing underlying is going on as well.

How often should I be giving my dog a bath?

Again, it's individual to every dog. It depends on the lifestyle and if any underlying disease processes are going on.

How can my veterinarian help me with dog hygiene issues?

Diagnosing any underlying skin infections can definitely help. Coat type and the dog's lifestyle really impact what products you should use.

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