XUpdate: Our wait times may exceed normal due to curbside service as we navigate staff shortages due to COVID. Please keep in mind, being a walk-in clinic in these times we are doing our BEST to see clients up until close but sometimes it isn't possible.learn More
Hospital Hours:
Mon,Wed,Thu: 8am-7pm (closed 1pm-2pm)
Tues: 2pm-7pm
Fri: 8am-3pm, Sat: 8am-12pm

Lowell Animal Hospital: COVID-19 Updates

Dear LAH Family,

Please be patient as our wait times may exceed normal due to curbside service as we navigate staff shortages due to COVID. 

Also, please keep in mind, even though we are OPEN until certain hours, being a walk-in clinic in these times, we are doing our BEST to see clients up until close but sometimes it isn't possible.

In short, we recommend getting here as soon as possible to ensure your pet can be seen.

July 20th Updates:

Using extreme caution, we will be seeing clients inside the building beginning Monday, July 20th.

Curbside service will also be permanently available for those who prefer it!

To enter the clinic:

  • Face covering is mandatory
  • Only three clients/pets will be admitted at a time and be brought directly to a private exam room
  • Only one person can accompany each pet - this includes any children present with owners
  • Please call to check-in when you arrive - we will call when we are ready for you to meet us at the front doors.

June 1 updates: 

We are expanding our hours to (almost) normal AND ALL SERVICES!!!
We will now begin doing nail trims and baths again.

In order to remain safe, we are still keeping our curbside protocols.

All surgeries and baths need an appointment, any other services you must call when you arrive and we will guide you and your pet(s) through our process.

Also, remember dogs MUST be leashed and cats MUST be in a carrier.

We are trying to remain OPEN however, we are taking EVERY precaution necessary to keep our LAH family safe and healthy.

We MUST be able to come in and take care of your seriously sick or injured pet. It is our duty.

We are officially not allowing any clients in the building to avoid exposure to our staff and pet parents as much as possible. At this time we are seeing pets for annual vaccinations and anal gland expressions along with sick or injured pets. When you arrive, please call the clinic at (219)300-2148, we will come out to your vehicle and escort your pet in.

We will call you from inside and proceed to speak with you via speakerphone as we would in person. Any recommendations for treatment will be approved and agreed on by you.

You will be able to pay via phone and we will escort your pet back to you at your vehicle.

Yes, we had to go this route but it is out of love for you, your pets, and our amazing staff's health and well being.